Mike Velesk Games



24.06.2019 Warlock of Lust v0.4 released - New content focusing on cook Anna and squire Lyria. New breakable enemy Rogue. Scenes between breakable enemies and player added.
04.06.2019 Life of Holly v0.11 published - bug fix version of v0.1 - many memory leaks and bugs repaired. No new game content.
25.05.2019 Life of Holly v0.1 released - playable version of the game. Many new items, locations, options and scenes.
26.04.2019 Life of Holly demo released - first, demo version of the new game, primary focused on presenting new features and game world.
29.03.2019 Total Seduction v2.3 released - Harem update. Harem room added (accessible after simple quest). Several general scenes added, mostly involving Nicol and other girl.
02.03.2019 Warlock of Lust v0.3 released - Elven princess Elaine quest line added, scribe Hesy and court handmaiden extended.
31.01.2019 Total Seduction v2.2 released - Lesbian update. Many lesbian scenes added and are available after completing a simple quest.
10.01.2019 Total Seduction v2.1 released - new character Holly, German and Spanish translation.
01.12.2018 Warlock of Lust v0.2 released
25.10.2018 Webpage started